Lens NIKKOR-N Auto 24mm f/2.8 (ca. 1970, pre AI) Gallery

The NIKKOR-N Auto 24 mm f/2.8, released ca. 1970, its the first lens equipped with the Close-Range-Correction Mechanism. It is a 7-group, 9-element retrofocus type lens.

The focusing of the close-range correction system, the most important feature of the lens, is carried out by separating the lens into two lens groups between the sixth lens element and the seventh lens element, and by narrowing the separation between the two lens groups upon focusing.

(Taken from Tale 14 : NIKKOR-N Auto 24 mm f/2.8 by OHSHITA, Kouichi.)

NIKKOR-N Auto 24mm f/2.8. ca 1974 

NIKKOR-N Auto 24mm 

NIKKOR-N Auto 24mm 

Horchow Hall 

Riverside Park 

Louis Vuitton Flagship Store 

Commons, Yale University 

High Street, under the arches. 

Walking the dog 

Naumburg Bandshell 

Snow covered Mall 

A night at the rink. 

Midtown and central Park. 

Little League Basebal Game 

Crossing the sidewalk